Notification letter, June 2017

Imagine getting this letter in the mail. Route maps were not included, but we soon realized that Duquesne Light Company was proposing high voltage wires and a 100 foot right of way over your home, and through your business, farm, or community?

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DLC sent out letters to those land owners who might be impacted by the transmission lines. These documents provided information about right of way maintenance and eminent domain practices. They asked for permission to survey potential routes. 

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Map of potential routes for the transmission line, September 2017

Below is a map of proposed routes for the transmission line last updated in September 2017. Purple and orange routes cross through the AG zone. Yellow (and yellow dashed) route options follow the turnpike and utilize existing right of ways, avoiding the AG zone and causing less disruption to township land.  

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 10.33.11 PM.png

What is the AG zone? 

The AG zone is a zoned area within Indiana Township. We have a special ordinance to preserve farmland within Allegheny County, and to protect our land from development. Lot sizes have a minimum of 3 acres. Our group has fought to protect the AgZone before, and we will continue to do so. The AG zone is shown in green on this map. 


Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) on human health and milk production

We're still going through the literature. Its complicated. For Goat Rodeo Farm and Dairy and other local producers the risk to their livelihood is real. These high-voltage lines may impact milk production. We must learn more, and the AgZone is not a place for DLC to experiment. Stay tuned for a summary of the EMF experience in Wisconsin and Michigan.