Duquesne Light Company (DLC) wants to place high voltage power lines through the Indiana Township Agricultural Zone in 2019.

They have not considered the following issues:

  • Health risks for families, children, and farm animals
  • Environmental fragmentation detrimental to wildlife
  • Potential impacts to well water and water table or mine subsidence
  • Many protected wildlife habitats 
  • The one-of-a-kind Goat Rodeo Farm and Dairy which supplies chefs, restaurants, and groceries all over Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania
  • Community trails enjoyed by thousands from the region such as the Rachel Carson Trail
  • Multiple equestrian facilities and farms
  • Land conserved by the Allegheny Land Trust
  • Multiple landing routes at the Cedar Run Airport
  • Autonomous flight research at the Nardo Airport
  • Not to mention the Impact on rural aesthetic in our AgZone from 140 ft steel monopoles
  • And many more...

They have not justified the need.

Status as of August 2017

DLC has not yet filed at the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission. They are preparing, and so are we. Now is our chance to petition DLC and the Project team to consider alternative routes. 

We've been gathering the support of the region's environmental and farming groups, including Allegheny Land Trust, Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, and PASA. 

If DLC determines a final route through the AG zone, we will challenge in every way at the PUC hearing and beyond. 

Status as of November 2017

DLC updated possible routes and now include a route that goes along the PA Turnpike. 

DLC has sent out letters documenting their intentions to survey the proposed routes. They held an open house in October. 

We've gathered our neighbors and added our farmland in an Agricultural Security Area, a special designation designed to protect our right to conserve and farm our land.

Lets stop this now. 

Stay tuned for more details.

We oppose all routes (orange and purple) that go through the AG Zone.    Source:  DUquesne LIght Company

We oppose all routes (orange and purple) that go through the AG Zone. 

Source: DUquesne LIght Company